Wired for Worship

Wired for Worship

We were created to worship, but many of us wonder about how to worship. In this series we walk through the Psalms to discover the who, when, and where we worship the Lord. When we recognize who God is in our lives, we can be free to worship God with our lives.

3 sessions
Duration: 1:44:22


Wired for Worship: At All Times

Duration: 37:58

When do we worship God? Psalm 34 gives us instruction and insight on how to worship God at all times regardless of our circumstances.

Wired for Worship: Go Lay Down

Duration: 31:57

Who do we worship? Psalm 23 presents the God we worship as the Good Shepherd who cares for us and gives us rest.

Wired for Worship: Stepping into the Sanctuary

Duration: 34:27

Where do we worship God? Whether we worship God in the sanctuary or anywhere, we can enter into the place of worship with the right posture and attitude.

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