Securing the Homefront

Securing the Homefront

What does it mean to secure the Homefront for us as followers of Jesus? Our world is filled with noise, confusion, and misinformation that can distract us from God's call for us. We must be secure in who we are in Christ as individuals and a community in order to resist the temptations and attacks on our faith. In this series we journey through Paul's teachings in Galatians chapter by chapter to gain basic training for living faithful lives as believers. These are powerful instructions for loving God and others the way Jesus Christ has taught us.

4 sessions
Duration: 2:03:25


Securing the Homefront - Walk Across The Stage

Duration: 32:04

Can the Law save us? Paul reveals that only the grace of God through Jesus Christ can save us, we have graduated from the Law ruling our lives to grace saving us

Securing the Homefront: It’s Called Confirmation

Duration: 36:41

Why do we need confirmation? Confirmation from God lets us know we are walking in God's purposes and will have His provision to fulfill His will.

Securing the Homefront: Knowing the Why Behind Your What

Duration: 29:10

Why do we do what we do? It is important to understand why we serve God so that we can serve Him faithfully and effectively.

Securing the Homefront: I'm Not Religious, I'm Spiritual

Duration: 25:30

What does it meant to be spiritual, but not religious? Paul encourages believers to be spiritual in order to help others as Christ has called us to.

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